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                             TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. About us:


The company SUPERMARKET PENTRU TINE SRL - is a Romanian company, with its registered office in place. Constanța, str. Mangaliei, no. 57, bl. SM 1, sc. B, et. 10, ap. 85, CAM 1, registered at the trade register office near the Constanta court with the number J13 / 3647 / 07.11.2017, having a unique registration code 38456030, bank account RO96BRDE140SV73057331400, opened at the bank BRD Group Generale, share capital in value of 200 lei, tel: 0749.876.976, email:

Our company offers for sale consumer products (food, non-food and electronics, appliances), through the website with delivery to the customer / buyer's home (door to door delivery).


Our program for customer relations is:

Monday - Friday: 13.00 - 21.00

Saturday: 10.00am - 2.00pm

To the telephone number: 0749.876.976

WhatsApp: 0749.876.976

By email:



CONTENT - refers to:

- all information on the site that can be visited, viewed or otherwise accessed through the use of equipment;

- the content of any e-mail sent to its users by SUPERMARKET PENTRU TINE S.R.L. by electronic means and / or any other means of communication available;

- information regarding the products, services and / or prices practiced by SUPERMARKET PENTRU TINE S.R.L. in a certain period;

- information regarding the products, services and / or prices practiced by a third party with which SUPERMARKET PENTRU TINE S.R.L. has concluded partnership contracts, within a certain period;

- data on SUPERMARKET PENTRU TINE S.R.L. or other privileged data thereof.


SELLER - Supermarket Pentru Tine, the legal person who owns the site


BUYER - any natural person, legal entity or any entity with legal form that makes an account on the site and registers an order


SERVICE - the available e-commerce service of the SITE, in order to grant the possibility of purchasing exclusively electronic goods or services.


USER - any natural or legal person registered on the site, by completing the account creation and accepting the terms and conditions


ACCOUNT - the assembly consisting of an email address (user) and a password, which allow the buyer to send the order and which contain information about the buyer (delivery address, name, first name, telephone, email address, ordered products or services)


DISTANCE CONTRACT - any contract concluded between the seller and the buyer, without the physical presence of the persons, with the exclusive use of the means of distance communication according to O.U.G. no 34/2014 art. 2, item 7


COMMENT - appreciation or observation, on the edge of a review


QUESTION - the form of addressing the seller in order to obtain information about the products or services offered


ANSWER - written information that is transmitted to the user / baker who asked the question which represents an explanation in a discussion


NEWSETTER - means of informing periodically by electronic mail (email or sms), about the goods, services or promotions carried out by the seller in a certain period, without any commitment from the seller with reference to his information


SPECIFICATIONS - all descriptions of goods or services as written in their details


TRANSACTION - collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of a good, to the buyer, by using the service of the card processor approved by the seller no matter which delivery method the buyer will choose

GREEN STAMP TAX - the value expressed in lei, paid by the seller or producer to the company authorized to take over the operations of collection, transport and recovery / recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as provided by the legislation in force.




This document sets out the terms and conditions of use of the site by the user.

Access is made only by accessing the publicly available site

By using the site, the user is solely responsible for the activities arising from its use, for any damages caused as a result of its own action. It is liable for any material, intellectual or other damage caused by the content of the site or any third party with which Supermarket For You SRL has concluded a contract, in accordance with the legislation in force.

This site is addressed only to users who have registered properly

The owner of the site may modify this document without prior notification of the user of the site





In case the user does not accept the terms and conditions, he / she renounces access to the service offered by Supermarket Pentru Tine SRL and can return at any time on the site to accept the terms and conditions as it will be available at that time





By registering an order, the buyer agrees to the form of communication (email, telephone) through which the seller will carry out his commercial operations

The notification received by the buyer after the order confirmation has the role of informing and not accepting the order. This is done only by electronic communication (email or telephone)

The seller reserves the right to change the quantities ordered only for justified reasons, after changing the quantities, the seller will inform the buyer at the email or telephone address made available to the seller and will return the amount of money paid by the buyer in the shortest time for the products that they will not be delivered if these products were paid upon registration of the order.

The contract is considered concluded between the seller and the buyer at the time of expiration of the 14-day term in which the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract by returning the ordered products or when each party completes its tasks (delivery, payment, etc ...) .




Access to place an order is allowed to any buyer, for justified reasons Supermarket For You reserves the right to restrict access in order to place an order or payment regardless of the option chosen, if it considers that based on the activity of the buyer on the site it can harm in some way Supermarket For you.

All the tariffs related to the goods published on the site are in LEI and contain T.V.A.

Under the conditions provided by law, the price of electronic goods and other goods that are subject to environmental taxation, contain the green stamp duty

In the case of online payments, the seller cannot be held responsible for the currency conversion commissions received by the card issuing bank, if the currency is different from the LEI.

All information available on the site (images, multimedia presentations, product details, etc.) does not represent an obligation to purchase, these being only as a presentation. The products sold on the site are in the original packaging of the manufacturer, regardless of our will there is the possibility of errors in the description of products or images displayed on the site, to be different from the product image, manufacturers may make changes without notifying us. We strive to constantly update data and images.

According to GEO 34/2014, the buyer's right to return the products is 14 days, THIS ORDER DOES NOT APPLY TO FOODSTUFFS, BEVERAGES, PERFUMES AND UNDERWEAR IF THEY HAVE BEEN DISASSIGNED, PROVEN. We do not accept responsibility for products that are not kept in spaces and at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer on the product label.





The content is defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, static and dynamic images, commercial symbols, text, content, are the property of Supermarket Pentru Tine

Buyer is not allowed to copy, destroy, publish, transfer, modify, include content or images except with the written consent of Supermarket Pentru Tine

Any use of the content for purposes other than those permitted by the current document or usage agreement is prohibited




The buyer can place the order on the site by adding the desired goods / products to the shopping cart, following its completion by making the payment by the express means indicated (payment by card online, payment by refund, payment order, bank transfer) and the correct choice of courier from the list by couriers (national, local or international). By adding a good / product to the shopping cart without leading to the completion of the order does not entail the registration of the order nor the reservation of the product / good.

By completing the order, the buyer agrees that all data provided is correct and true and that the seller can contact him through the available means of contact, agreed by the seller in any situation that requires contacting the buyer.

The seller can cancel the orders in the following situations:

          I. Invalidity of the transaction by the card processor for online payments.

          II. Non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the buyer card for, online payments.

          III. Buyer does not provide complete and accurate data for billing and delivery.

          IV. Buyer contact details are incorrect

           V. Non-payment of the proforma invoice by the comparator in the case of payments with payment order.

          VI. In case a wrong price was registered when registering the product compared to the accounting one (lower or higher).


The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract according to GEO 34/2014, within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the good / product without presenting arguments and without incurring costs other than transport costs.

In case the client requests the withdrawal within the legal term of the contract, he must also return any gifts that accompanied the purchased products. In case the order was paid, the seller will reimburse in maximum 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods returned by the buyer, the amount being refunded in the bank account specified by the buyer, less the value of the transport.

If a product / good cannot be delivered by the seller, he will inform the buyer about this fact and will return to the buyer's account the value of the product, if the product / good was paid at the time of order.





Goods or products whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that the seller cannot control

Goods that can deteriorate or expire quickly

The sealed goods cannot be returned for health and hygiene reasons, which have been sealed by the buyer

Insurances of any type (RCA, LOCUINTA, CASCO, TRAVEL), after it has been issued with the consent of the buyer.




The prices of products and goods from the website include T.V.A. according to law.

The price and the method of payment will be specified on each order, following the seller to issue an invoice for the products and goods delivered, the buyer having the obligation to provide the information needed to issue the invoice and the delivery of the products.

For a correct communication of the invoice, the buyer has the right to change the data when necessary.

The invoice will be delivered to the customer by email or upon delivery with the ordered products.


For online card payments, the data on the copier / user card will not be accessible by Supermarket Pentru Tine nor will it be stored by Supermarket For You, only by the payment processor integrated in the site and by the institution authorizing the transaction or a another entity authorized to keep data storage services of the card, the copier being informed about the entity prior to the data introduction.


The entity authorized to keep data storage services on the card is EuroPayment Services S.R.L., a company established and functioning according to the Romanian legislation, registered with the trade register with the number J40 / 9950/2006, having the registered office in str. Mizil, no. 2, Bucharest, Romania.


For reasons of Transaction Security, the copier is advised not to stay logged on to the site and not to set the automatic logging option on mobile devices. Disclosure of the access password on the account is not allowed and we recommend the use of a password consisting of at least eight characters, which include capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.




The seller commits to deliver the products in the "door to door" courier system or through his own vehicles also in the "door to door" system, in certain areas (within the radius of Constanta and the surrounding area).

The seller will ensure the proper packaging of the products and ensure the transmission of documents.

The seller will deliver the products mainly on the territory of Romania but also on the territory of Europe, for certain product categories only in certain areas as follows:

a. For the products of the subcategories: water (mineral and payment), juices (carbonated and non-carbonated) and perishable foodstuffs that have to be transported at a controlled temperature will be delivered only in the localities: Constanta, Lazu, Cumpana, Agigea, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Techirghiol, Tuzla, Mamaia, Navodari, Lumina, Ovidiu, Valul lui Traian, Murfatlar, Poarta Alba., according to the tariffs.

b. For the products in the subcategories: water (mineral and payment), juices (carbonated and non-carbonated), for the national delivery an additional transport fee of 2.00 lei / Kg will be charged.

The products will be delivered in the following daily program as follows:

A. For the localities Constanța, Lazu, Cumpăna

a) Monday - Friday so, for orders placed in the system until 3pm will be delivered between 18.00 - 22.00 on the same day, for orders after 3pm will be delivered on the following day between 18.00 - 22.00

b) Saturday - the delivery of orders will be made between 11.00am and 10.00pm for pre-ordered orders from Friday after 3pm until Saturday 6pm


B. For the national delivery by courier it will be delivered as follows:


a) Monday - Friday, for orders placed until 3 pm they will be placed on the courier on the same day, except the products that are not in stock or are in stock the supplier will be placed on the courier the next day.

b) Orders placed on Fridays after 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays will be placed at the courier on Monday.

c) Delivery of the products will be made within 1 - 3 working days, by placing the order on the site for the products available in stock


C. The products marked with the specification "ON ORDER" will be delivered within 3 to 7 working days from placing the order on the site by the buyer.




The transport prices are differentiated according to the delivery area and the minimum order as follows:

(1) For the delivery of the products at national level by courier, the transport fee is as follows:

(i) For envelopes (documents) - the transport tax will be 19.99 lei for orders with a value of less than 600 lei and 35.00 lei for the delivery areas in the localities more than 25 km away from the courier offices. For orders with a value of more than 1000 lei the transport tax will be worth 0 lei.

(ii) For packages regardless of weight - the transport tax will be 19.99 lei for orders with a value of less than 1000 lei and 35.00 lei for the delivery areas in the localities more than 25 km away from the courier offices. For orders with a value of more than 1000 lei the transport tax will be worth 0 lei.

(iii) For the products in the subcategories: water (mineral and payment), juices (carbonated and non-carbonated), for the national delivery an additional transport fee of 2.00 lei / Kg will be charged. + the fee from point (ii)


(iiii) The transport charges mentioned above are only valid for the delivery partners agreed by the seller, being: FAN COURIER, DPD, SAMEDAY and GLS.


(2) For the delivery of the products to the localities: Constanta, Lazu, Cumpana, Agigea, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Techirghiol, Tuzla, Mamaia, Navodari, Lumina, Ovidiu, Valul lui Traian, Murfatlar, Poarta Alba, the transport tax is 0 lei, regardless of the ordered products.

(3) The seller can modify the transport tariffs without prior notification of the buyer by posting on the site the new tariffs.

(4) The products will be delivered to Europe via DHL International, the shipping tax will be displayed at the end of the order depending on the destination and the chosen transport (Express or Economic), the prices displayed on the site do not include the customs duties of each state.




            1. The TVs will only be delivered after a check on the external condition (housing and screen), which leads to the product being unsealed. Failure to accept the product's defrosting will result in the loss of transport insurance and subsequent claims for the broken screen or the rear casing will not be resolved, all responsibility falls to the buyer. The non-acceptance of the disintegration will be mentioned in the special mentions field at the end of the order.


            2. All electronic and household products will be delivered only in the original packaging and will benefit from insurance of transport and opening parcel upon delivery, so in case of damage to transport, the buyer will draw up a verification report together with the delivery agent and will file the complaint to the courier company, a copy of the report will be sent to us on the email address or on whatAapp on the number 0749.876.976. Any claim that does not have a record of finding or the parcel was not verified at the time of delivery of the product will not be considered. By signing the transport awb, the customer assumes responsibility for the integrity of the product.




       The buyer can return the products according to the legislation in force within 14 days after receiving the product or products taking into account the following aspects:

a) The buyer will complete the return form from the page

b) The buyer will ensure the proper packaging of the product or products according to the conditions of the courier company, the damaged products that were not mentioned by the comparator, will not be received by the seller and will be returned to the comparator, the return tour fees will be borne by to the sender.

c) The buyer can send the product through any courier company to the address Sos. Mangaliei, no. 57, bl. SM1, sc. B, ap. 85, loc. Constanta, Constanta County

d) The returns are not sent with the refund payment, these returns will not be received by the seller.

e) The seller undertakes to check the products upon receipt, the defective products that were not mentioned by the comparator through the verification process will be returned

f) The seller commits to issue the return invoice and to transfer the value of the product in maximum 3 working days from receiving the product / products under management, in the bank account indicated by the comparator in the return form.

g) The products will only be returned in original packaging with all the accessories and documents that were accompanied upon receipt by the comparator.

h) Food products, perfumes, deodorants that have been unsealed are not accepted in any form.






All the goods marketed by Supermarket Pentru Tine S.R.L., will benefit from guarantees according to the legislation in force, the commercial policies delivered by the manufacturer and in compliance with OG 130/2000 with regard to guarantees and return.




The transfer of ownership over the goods will be made upon delivery of the product, after the payment has been made by the buyer according to the specifications in the order.




The registration of the comments, questions and answers can only be done by the registered clients respecting the following conditions:

a. All entries must be in Romanian or English

b. To refer only to the products, goods and services purchased through the website

c. To ensure that the information entered is real, correct and in accordance with Romanian laws

d. To use an adequate language without cursing, sexual connotations and abuses, the clients who do not respect this will close their accounts without prior information.




According to the general regulation 679/2016, for the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, Supermarket pentru Tine S.R.L. is obliged to keep it safe and to use it only for the specified purposes to use the personal data that each buyer will provide.


The purpose of data collection is as follows:

a. Preparation of documents for the purchase and delivery of products

b. Inform the buyer about the order status, product availability and product delivery.

c. For sending newsletters or information about certain products using e-mail (email, sms)

d. For research purposes, following and monitoring the sales and buyer behavior

The personal information can also be provided to the institutions empowered according to the law in force, following an express request made by the institutions concerned. The data processing is done according to the GDPR annex, accessing the following link:





Supermarket Pentri Tine S.R.L., will keep the confidentiality of the data of any kind you provide. The disclosure of the information provided can only be done according to point 16 of this document.

By registering in the database of Supermarket Pentru Tine S.R.L., the buyer expresses his express consent, within the limits of the legislation to be contacted by the representatives of Supermarket Pentru Tine S.R.L. and its partners, marketing service providers, service providers and by state agencies.




Neither party will be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations, if such failure to timely and / or properly, fully or partially is due to a force majeure event. The force majeure is the unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.

If, within 15 days from the date of its occurrence, that event does not cease, each party shall have the right to notify the other party of the full termination of the Contract without being able to claim the other party and other damages.

Supermarket Pentru Tine cannot be held responsible for any delays or errors that do not directly depend on the website, such as lack of internet connection, operating errors, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the www.supermarketpentrutine system. en.




Supermarket Pentru Tine S.R.L., reserves the right to promote products and services through electronic communication (email, sms, facebook, etc.), for customers who express their agreement in the processing of personal data for this purpose.

The promotion will be made according to OG99 / 2000.

The sending of newsletters will be done through specialized partners, who are approved by the Supermarket Pentru Tine, thus maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information.

The buyer can notify in writing through electronic communication channels (email, sms), the cancellation of receiving information about products and services offered by Supermarket Pentru Tine and the newsletter transmitted through partners.




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Supermarket Pentru Tine SRL, registered in the trade register with the number J13 / 3647 / 07.11.2017, having unique registration code 38456030, intermediates the conclusion of insurance policies through the insurance agent Spanoae Gheorghiță having code RAF 395447, which uses the electronic platform eSimba owned by SOFTEL SRL, with its headquarters in Constanța, having a unique code RO27535782, and registration number J13 / 1874/2010, following the service contract with the number 320 from 12.01.2018.

The insurance agent intermediates the insurance through: DAW MANAGEMENT - BROKER DE ASIGURARE SRL, Nr. of registration in the Insurance Brokers Register: RBK-677 / 15.03.2011, Reg. Com. J13 / 363 / 02.03.2010; Fiscal code 26595999, with headquarters in place. Constanta, through the mandate contract no. 297 of 17.10.2019.

The insurances will be treated separately from the rest of the products in the store according to the following criteria:

        The insurances are subject to the Insurance Terms and Conditions at:




This document is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes arising between the Supermarket Pentru Tine and the Buyer will be settled amicably, if it will not be possible to settle amicably, the disputes will be resolved by the competent Romanian courts in the Municipality of Constanta on which the Supermarket is based. Tine SRL.


This document is originally signed and stamped by the administrator at the headquarters of Supermarket Pentru Tine S.R.L. from Constanța, Str. Mangaliei, no. 57, bl. SM1, sc. B, et. 10, ap. 85, cam. 1.



These terms and conditions enter into force starting with 26.01.2019 and will not affect the orders placed until the time of posting on the site owned by Supermarket Pentru Tine SRL



Revised 3EN-14-03-2021





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